Swimmer goes missing off Port Elizabeth beach

The BlueWater Bay Surf Lifesaving Club’s Rescue Squad was activated at 02:15 on Sunday night to search for a missing swimmer at Wells Estate Beach.

Two people had gone swimming, and both got in trouble. One person made it back to the beach, while the other one disappeared underneath the water. The person that made it was treated by EMS on scene.

A Rescue Squad member was deployed to search the shoreline from Wells Estate Beach to Coega Harbor Wall in the hope that the swimmer made it to shore.

When this was not successful, it was decided to launch the crafts at first light to do a search of the surrounding area.

Photos: Dirk Erasmus

Photos: Dirk Erasmus

The Rescue Jetski was used to do a grid search, but the rough conditions made it very difficult. In the meanwhile another shore patrol was done at the same time.

After a lengthy search, it was called off without success. Regular patrols will be done over the next few days with the hope that the body will surface.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Beach Office, SAPS Divers, EMS, EMS Rescue and Coastal Water Rescue were all on scene to assist.

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