• One Team……….One Nation

    The Vuvuzela has been blowing across the land since early this morning. The time has come. South Africa has taken to the streets to show their support for Bafana Bafana. Aaron Mokoena the national captain has said “the boys’ are ready. Our coach, Carlos Perreria is going to war against Mexico…….bring it on…….lets the Games […]

  • Improve your health with OZONE

      Our bodies need oxygen to survive and can become deprived of adequate levels of oxygen through improper breathing, polluted air, inadequate nutrition, junk foods, and stress. The Poli Clinic  in Jeffreys Bay now offers Ozone treatment to those suffering from a number of ailments. The Steam sauna cleanses the body from toxins from the combination of […]

  • Soccer fever at J'Bay Primary School

      Jeffreys Bay Primary held a soccer day yesterday in support of the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup. The students came dressed up for the occasion and all want Bafana Bafana to beat Mexico on Friday. The vuvuzela’s were heard blocks away as J Bay Primary got into the spirit of the World Cup Soccer […]

  • 800 M Safety Zone for Thuyspunt slammed by Nuclear Regulator

      The National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) confirmed last week that South Africa will adhere to a 16 Km safety zone around any potential Nuclear Power Plant and has dismissed calls in Eskom’s draft Impact Study that a safety zone of 800 M is applicable. Mr. Knox Msebenzi, NNR Technical Manager said that safety zones for […]

  • VonZipper Superheat for J'Bay Billabong Pro

      The format for the new VonZipper Superheat has been announced. The Superheat will be run on the first day of the Billabong Pro as the opening heat. This year the waiting period for the Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay is the 15 – 25 July, an eleven-day period that is historically a great time for […]

  • Jordy vs Slater in the Billabong Pro

      Coming into the J’ Bay Billabong Pro and the two best surfers in the world are sitting in 1st and 2nd position on the WCT tour. Kelly Slater is leading the way but South Africa’s Jordy Smith is chasing him all the way. A possible meeting in the final of the Billabong Pro at […]

  • You, Talk With Me

       I hear them. I’m learning quickly quietly  I don’t say a word neither do they but I hear them. Loudly Clearly  But you, who can say loud words and make sounds, You struggle.  I don’t know why, Not yet You, talk with me. Tell me what’s going on and make everything clear so that […]

  • Bargain property on Marina Martinique

    Imagine waking up with the sun peering over the pristine canals of Marina Martinique and the call of the birds in your ears. Your windows are open to let in the fresh air and not desecrated with burglar bars and other security measures. This is the lifestyle on Martinique, one of South Africa’s best kept […]

  • Lewis Gordon Pugh – the human "Polar Bear"

    Doing what no human being has ever achieved takes a very special person. One who can believe in himself and the task at hand. Taking on the odds of surving a 1 K swim in 2 degree water high up on Mount Everest and swiming at an altitute of 5 300 m . Lewis Pugh swam […]


      The Billabong Pro J-Bay, will bring the world’s top professional surfers to Jeffreys Bay in July for the 25th time since it became an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) rated event back in 1984. Scheduled for 15-25 July, the event will again be staged at Supertubes, universally acknowledged as one of the planet’s top […]

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