• Street battles with many dead and wounded in former Soviet Union Republic

      Ethnic violence has flared in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured and many more have fled the country to avoid the carnage. Despite pleas from the interim government in the country for peace keepers to be deployed, so far the world is standing by and watching as rape, […]

  • Get tubed….Take a moment to reflect……Take action…. Have a jol.

      20 June is International Day of Surfing (IDS) and if ever a sport is worthy of such a day, it is surfing. The Sport of Kings originated in Hawaii and the fate of entire villages sometimes depended upon a surfing duel between the Royalty of the warring villages in the big powerful waves on […]

  • Clint and Co – Live in J'Bay @ Potters Place

      Get ready for a great musical experience with Clint and Co, one of SA’s finest live shows.  The band is well known for their quality musicianship and this coupled with Clint’s ‘one of a kind’ rasping voice and his hilarious stage antics make this band hugely popular and a firm favorite of rock fans around South […]

  • Bono to the Church – the world really needs you

      Bono has used the status U2 has attained to highlight many things. U2 expressed outrage at the bombings in Ireland that were killing innocent people and he was critical of the USA invasion of Iraq. In a South African context it was Bono and his landmark speech during the Rattle and Hum tour about […]

  • Suspicious car in Wavecrest

        Yesterday afternoon an attempt was made to break into a house in Pagoda Street in Wavecrest. This follows a house robbery on Saturday morning also in Wavecrest and other house breakings in the same suburb. Community members foiled the attempt in Pagoda Street and the suspects got into the following vehicle that was […]

  • No Nuke for J'Bay on International Surfing Day

      The surf community in Jeffreys Bay will be joining in the International Day of Surfing to be held on Sunday 20 June 2010. The concept was born in 2004 when the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine started the International Day of Surfing to celebrate the sport of Kings and to highlight threats to the […]

  • U2….I still havent found what I am looking for

      Live from Milan in 2009, U2 still know how to rock an audience and on their latest around the world tour they did exactly that. Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry  have mellowed out from those  passionate young Dublin lads who knew they had a message to elder statesmen of the rock world. The intensity of the […]

  • Mass influx of job seekers for Jeffreys Bay

    The proposed nuclear power station at Thuyspunt is expected to create 7 000 jobs during the construction stage. Eskom plans to house around 3 500 of these workers in Jeffreys Bay with the rest in other areas of the Kouga. As only 25 % of these workers will be local it can be safely assumed […]

  • Swimmers brave the icy water at Marina Martinique

      COLD WATER SWIM TRAINING AT MARINA MARTINIQUE Swimmers from Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth completed training swims in 13 – 14 degree water in Jeffreys Bay over the weekend. The training swim was hosted by the Kouga Swim Club at the Marina Martinique in preparation for the upcoming open water swim season. First up […]

  • South Africa has a new hero

    What a goal it was that opened up the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup. And just to put the cherry on top, it was scored by a South African. Siphiwe Tshabalala fired in a cracker to put Bafana Bafana into the lead against Mexico to start the month long party. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtcOpGVQ290&playnext_from=TL&videos=DuB-FNqVvU8&feature=rec-LGOUT-exp_stronger_r2-2r-2-HM] The World Cup Kick Off […]

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