Hawaii opts for 100 % renewable energy

31 Augut 2015

The state of Hawaii has joined the energy revolution and has decided that 100 % of their energy will be produced by renewables by 2045.

There is plenty of hydo energy in Hawaii: Photo WSL

There is plenty of hydo energy in hawaii: Photo WSL

Governor David Ige said that that LNG (liquefied natural gas) will not save the state money over time, given the plummeting prices of renewables.

Moreover, “it is a fossil fuel,” i.e., it emits dangerous greenhouse gases. He explained that Hawaiians are putting up a fight against natural gas and that any money put into retooling electric plants so as to run on gas,  is money that would better be invested in the transition to green energy.

This follows Germany’s decision that 80 % of their energy mix will be renewables by 2050.

Senator Brian Schatz, a Hawaii Democrat said that wind, solar, and other renewables are now competitive with fossil fuels and no longer “alternative.”

Rather, they are practical today, because of significant price drops in the cost of photovoltaic panels and of wind turbines. He argued that change comes only when it is demanded.

Several years ago, he said, Hawaii set what seemed like unrealistic green energy goals at that time. The senator’s point is valid.

By 2015, officials wanted 15 percent of electricity generation to come from renewables. In 2014, it was already 21 percent.


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