• Contaminating our Lifestyle

    The loss of the Blue Flag status for Main Beach has provoked an outcry from local residents of Jeffreys Bay, who all feel that the situation could have been avoided had the local authority listened to concerns that the surf community and other beach users have raised over the years. The number of sewage spills […]

  • 1st day at big School

    For many younger residents of Jeffreys Bay, yesterday was a long awaited, yet scary day as brand new school uniforms were donned for that day…….the day they started “big school” for the very first time. Its an emotional time for parents as they begin to realize that their little babies are growing up and that […]

  • Cars stolen in J'Bay

    There was a surge in theft of motor vehicles over the weekend when no less than three vehicles were stolen in the town. Two thefts occurred in Wavecrest and the third took place in the normally crime free suburb of Paradise Beach. It is suspected that out of town syndicates are responsible for the crimes […]

  • J'Bay dancers shine

    Dance Dynamics hosted its annual show this December 2010, this year showing the spectacular “Enchanted Tree” at the Port Elizabeth Opera House, combining the Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth studios. Jeffreys Bay girls played a number of characters with the tiny tots being cute cupcakes, the slightly older girls were rainbow fairies and Turkish delights. […]

  • No Nuke at Thyspunt

    The majority of the wider Jeffreys Bay community are opposed to the building of one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants near Oyster Bay. How can this proposed nuclear power station at Thyspunt affect us? Danger: There are no safety guarantees from Eskom. Accidental radioactive fallout at Thyspunt would be potentially 5 times that […]

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